Facebook updates privacy option


Facebook updates privacy option

Facebook recently rolled out a privacy update with an option that allows users to stop online tracking with “Off-Facebook Activity.”

In order to do this, users will have to go to their ‘Privacy Settings’ and choose the option to stop “Future off-Facebook Activity.” And once it’s done, Facebook will warn that the experience will be less personalized and may see more irrelevant ads. 

This new feature is a huge step from Facebook regarding privacy and security. In 2020, the company seems to be much more careful about privacy and allows the user to have more control over what information they share online. Also, this new option to turn off also reveals how much public information the company has been tracking until now.

According to experts, Facebook has been tracking users even when they’re not using Facebook, and it even tracks people who don’t even have a Facebook account as it is likely that other third-party organizations have sold data about them to Facebook.

There are several privacy add-ons from Facebook like if you visit the ‘Off-Facebook Activity’ page you’ll be able to see options to “Manage your Off-Facebook Activity” and “Clear History”. And there’s a “Manage Future Activity” which should be the first stop for users who want the tracking to stop. 


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