Facebook introducing stricter regulations to manage its Pages


Facebook introducing stricter regulations to manage its Pages

Facebook is going to introduce a new rule that will make its “Pages” more secure. Now, the Pages that have a large user base from the U.S will have to complete a procedure of verifying their identity. Without identifying the Pages’ country of origin, the admin managing a page will not be able to make a post. This will secure the accounts of these pages that have a huge following by identifying their location.

The process of verification will have a two-factor authentication and confirmation of the country the Page is based out of. This will make it tough for people to manage a Page through a fake or compromised account. The Facebook Page admin will get an alert on top of their page stating that they need to go through the process of authorization. Any posts that the admin wants to make will not be allowed.

Initially, this new feature to enhance the cybersecurity will be applied only for Pages with a large U.S audience but this is expected to be made mandatory all over the world for all Pages. The social media giant is trying to make amends for the catastrophic losses it bore in the first half of this year.

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