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Mozilla wants Android users to keep passwords safe using Lockbox


Mozilla wants Android users to keep passwords safe using Lockbox

For a while now, iOS users were able to keep tabs on their many passwords with the help of Mozilla’s Firefox Lockbox. The same tool is coming to Android to help users fetch any password they have already stored in Firefox. It is more than just managing your passwords – it is one way to ensure that you can always log in to your subscribed online services from anywhere using any device.

Using the same password for all your web services, and companies like Facebook storing your passwords in plaintext – are all bad news in all means if ‘privacy’ is one of your major concerns. Here’s where the password managers will have an important role to play. Given that the Android OS has a much wider audience than the iOS, Mozilla, one of the biggest privacy advocates, launches Firefox Lockbox for Android to make remembering passwords easier.

The Lockbox app has strong integration and synchronization capabilities with the Firefox browser. Meaning, all the passwords that you have ever opted to save on your Firefox account across different devices, will be available in Lockbox for easy searching and using. The free app locks down the passwords with 256-bit encryption, and will also let you add an extra layer of security for the app by enabling fingerprint or face authentication.

While Lockbox is a ‘secure’ way to access your passwords from anywhere, it also has some major flaws. First of all, the app will not let you generate secure passwords like the other password managers in the market. Also, you can’t add your own entries into the app, because, it only syncs with a Firefox Account. Nevertheless, it wins when it comes to protecting the content, and it will also allow you to automatically fill in saved passwords.

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