New home security camera is surprisingly available at $45

home security camera at 45 dollars

Home security cameras have been of great help to us in our absence. This new home security camera can capture every corner of your house without any disorganized sensors or costly installations.

The iPM World 360-Degree 1080p Wireless IP Camera is secure when compared to many security cameras in the market in terms of digital feed. In other cameras, anybody can access your feed to keep an eye on your family from far.

This home security camera encrypts your video feed and for now, it is available with a 65 percent discount at just $45.

You can own this camera to keep a close watch on invaders or for any other purposes while you are away from home, this HD panoramic camera is smart enough to get everything covered.

The camera has infrared night vision which helps to record in the dark. Not only that, you can also talk to people in the room with the help of a microphone and speaker.

Product description

  • Watches closely on your living space giving panoramic views (360 degrees)
  • Provides infrared night vision
  • Secures the footage with several encryption protocols
  • Fits anywhere