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Prisons in Hong Kong testing Smart Technology


Prisons in Hong Kong testing Smart Technology

Prisons in Hong Kong may be soon using smart technology to track their inmates. Among the smart technology that is to be tested in these prisons will be wristbands, to keep track of inmates and a robotic arm to check for drugs.

The new technologies will help the Correctional Services across Hong Kong ensure safety by keeping a track on inmates’ behavior. The initiative will monitor the inmates’ location, activity, and heart rate. Some facilities will also start video surveillance systems that will help the prison staff identify unusual behavior, fights, if an inmate has collapsed and attempts of self-harm.

The Commissioner of Correctional Services- Danny Woo told in a statement: “The Correctional Services Department strives to enhance the efficiency of custodial operations and security of correctional institutions through the application of innovation and technology while protecting the safety of officers and persons in custody.”

The wristbands and the video surveillance system will cost about HK$ 3.5 million in total and will be paid for by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. The technologies will be under observation and if proved useful, more prison facilities will avail such technologies.

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