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How Security Services Can Keep Vacant Business Premises Safe During Lockdown


How Security Services Can Keep Vacant Business Premises Safe During Lockdown

It’s fair to say that the lockdown has irreversibly changed every industry out there, with each business adapting to its own set of unique challenges. 

One of the ways many have achieved this has been through the rise in homeworking, whereby increasing numbers of workers have had to create their own DIY desks at hometo get to work.

However, doing this means there’s fewer or sometimes noemployees on the business premises to keep an eye on things.Unfortunately, abandoned areas can often become subject to vandalism and graffiti, leading many business owners to worry about their commercial property.

Security services can provide a series of preventative measures that will deter vandals and keep business premises safe during the lockdown.

Electronic Security

Much of security in modern times comes down to technology. CCTV, alarms, and fingerprint access gates are all the range these days, always keeping commercial properties safe and secure.

These systems provide peace of mind, with 24-hour monitoring services enabling company owners to keep an eye on things around the clock. Nothing can escape their notice. Lockdown has brought about a period of great unrest and uncertainty for many, but effective electronic security services give a back of degree control and agency in maintaining the wellbeing of a business.

Electronic security services are both visible and audible deterrents. They have been updated for modern use too. For example, when triggered, speech dialler alarms can directly call a company owner with a pre-recorded message to inform them of the disturbance. In the end, it’s total awareness, even when workplaces are empty over lockdown.

Patrol Services

While CCTV cameras are all well and good, a physical presence at your site can give you extra protection and act as a visible deterrent.

Site patrols are an incredibly useful deterrent against would-be criminals, and they are provided in expert fashion from companies such as1st Reaction Security. This company’s trained and professional staff thoroughly secure company buildings, checking doors, windows, alarms, and anything else in the appropriate vicinity. It’s a physical presence of specialists who have anticipated everything, always operating one step ahead.

Sometimes a bit of intimidation is necessary, and a mobile patrol service will meet this end also. It informs everyone that there’s a sharp presence about the business premises that can cover a lot of ground very quickly. It can take hours to properly decipher CCTV footage, but if a security driver spots anything suspicious, the response time is immediate. Slipping past them is nigh on impossible.

A patrol can operate through nights, weekends and even bank holidays, so there is never a lull period where criminals can strike. In the end, a patrol can really emphasise the strength and awareness of a businesswho can’t be blindsided or caught unawares.

Certified Guard Dogs

If a patrol unit won’t strike fear into any trespassers, the integration of guard dogs and their trainers into these units certainly will. The canines have been certified under the NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) to root out any suspicious scents and activities, and truly nothing will escape their notice. Therefore, company owners can be certain that the dogs are treated well and well-trained.

Remember, dogs are frequently used by the police to truly remarkable results, sniffing out suspects and evidence on command. In many ways, they can be more thorough in their duties than their trainers and are a great way of swiftly establishing a sense of powerful authority. They are loud, loyal, brave, and incredibly perceptive, all of which are commendable qualities where security is concerned.

As local and nationwide lockdowns have been reintroduced in recent times, keeping corporate premises safe and secure is undoubtedly a priority. State-of-the-art security services are the only answer here, performing rigorous checks and duties to make certain that all is well.

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