Kaspersky gives security guidelines on its free online module


Kaspersky gives security guidelines on its free online module

Kaspersky launched an online module for free which offers working-from-home security guidelines to make sure that remote workers don’t jeopardize their businesses. Kaspersky has partnered with Area9 Lyceum as more companies switched to working from home over COVID-19 pandemic.

Elena Molchanova, head of security awareness marketing at Kaspersky, said that for many employees this is their first work from home experience.

“As this change was rather unexpected, some companies were not able to provide a training on security basics of remote working,” she said. “As such, employees may not know how to securely configure home Wi-Fi, install required updates or protect their own devices used for work, etc., as these were previously a duty of [the] IT department. In addition, they may not have a usual and convenient way to contact their IT department, for example, in case they receive a suspicious mail. So these employees may find themselves unprepared for new cybersecurity challenges.”

The module has two parts, while the first one scrutinizes what COVID-19 is and guides how users should behave to minimize the chances of getting infected. Secondly, it discusses about cyber safety and how users can protect their workplace from cybercriminals while working from home.

“The lesson is free and everybody can share the link to the online training with his or her colleagues,” Molchanova said. “MSSPs play an important role in security training for their customers’ employees, and we are delighted that our partners are sharing this special course during the pandemic lockdown.”

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