A Lightning cable that can help hackers infiltrate computers


A Lightning cable that can help hackers infiltrate computers

A modified Lightning cable called the “O.MG Cable” had sold like hotcakes at the recently held security conference Def Con. The Lightning cable has been developed so that a user can hack someone’s computer.

The O.MG cable works like any standard Lightning cable that you get when you buy an iPhone. But its tail comes with a sting. The developer has hidden software and hardware in the cable including a wireless access point inside the USB connector. So, when a user connects the cable to a computer, it can be triggered remotely to access the machine. The hack can even be used to steal login credentials or to install malicious software.

These kinds of cables have existed for quite a while now but this cable leaves iPhone users highly vulnerable to hacking. MG is currently working on selling a version of the cable with the online security products store Hak5 for around $100.

MG told TechCrunch: “This specific Lightning cable allows for cross-platform attack payloads, and the implant I have created is easily adapted to other USB cable types. Apple just happens to be the most difficult to implant, so it was a good proof of capabilities.”

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