911-panic button comes to Lyft app for panic-stricken situations


911-panic button comes to Lyft app for panic-stricken situations

A report by CNN released in 2018 showed that 18 Lyft drivers and 103 Uber drivers were accused of sexual abuse or assault. Both companies say passenger safety is their priority. Acting on its words, Lyft is adding a panic button to its app to call 911. Lyft will also now show the driver’s license plate number in the app, which will also be enlarged.

A month ago, a University of South Carolina student was killed by a man posing as her Uber driver. With the driver’s license on the passenger’s app, it’ll avoid them hailing in the wrong vehicle. The rise in the number of assaults and sexual harassment has urged the company to offer “harassment prevention training” as well.

Passengers require giving their feedback every time their ride ends. Lyft is urging the passengers to rate their drivers less than four stars. When this happens, it’ll be secretively passed on to the drivers so that they can improve their performance with the low rating.

Both Uber and Lyft are facing a lot of concerns over their ride-hailing application and its security. Today’s announcement marks as the new set of applications surround safety and security. Enhanced identity verification and background checks for drivers will also be strictly conducted, Lyft promised.

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