The future of Messenger is inadvertently disclosed


The future of Messenger is inadvertently disclosed

It seems like Facebook has leaked the future of Messenger way too early. It is believed that Facebook will rework on the app’s code while making it accessible in almost all platforms. It is possible that Facebook will make the announcement of revising all its products at the F8 conference.

It is expected that Mark Zuckerberg will stress more on the solutions for security and privacy following many data scandals. The announcements were made live; perhaps unknowingly which has been removed now and the links show an error page.

When the post was visible, the plans were to update the Facebook application, bring in new features and the company’s future thoughts on the development. Some of them being reworking on the Messenger app with the updated app being larger in size compared to the existing one.

The app will also be available to desktops, for Windows and MacOS. Facebook said that this new version is under trial which will be introduced probably by the end of this year.

It is believed that these new features are brought to the current Facebook Messenger too. An addition to it is “Watch Parties” that will permit people to have interactions with friends and watch the video at a time. For example, you can converse with people around the globe while the video is being played.

The company will make this app end-to-end encrypted as a push towards privacy and security. The conversations will be kept a secret, which cannot be accessed by Facebook also.

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