Alexa The Motiv Ring keeps your online accounts secure

The Motiv Ring keeps your online accounts secure


The Motiv Ring keeps your online accounts secure

The new Motiv ring isn’t a run-of-the-mill fitness tracker that tracks just your daytime activity. It also provides security to your online accounts through a two-factor authentication system. The two-step authentication allows you to add additional layers of security for your email, social media, e-wallets and online shopping accounts.

The fitness ring allows you to log in to your online accounts using a simple gesture. Along with the usual suspects like biometric information, the ring can use the way you walk to identify you. This feature is being enabled by what it calls WalkID beta. Although the way we walk is not as unique as biometric details are but it is good enough to distinguish between two people.

And as a fitness tracker, it tracks your heart rate throughout the day and measures the impact of your activity. It also detects automatically when you fall asleep and when you wake without any assistance.

With three days of onboard memory, the ring can automatically sync your data with the Motiv App when you get home. The Motiv Ring comes for just $199 and is available on iOS and Android.

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