New $5/Month Cloud Recording Plan from Nest


New $5/Month Cloud Recording Plan from Nest

From the trending security camera maker, here comes a new announcement. The company is planning to roll out a new, cheaper Nest Aware plan. This is a cloud recording service that makes the Nest camera a tad smarter!

So far, Nest has offered two plans. One which cost $10 a month that allowed users to store the last 10 days of video history. And the other cost $30 a month and came with 30 days of video history. The new plan cost only $5 a month and will give the users five days of video history.


The company figured that users don’t really need 10 or more days of their video log. Usually, people looked for a bit of security footage they’re interested in, generally, from the last day or two. There’s also a good news for folks with multiple Nest cameras. Each of these cams needs its own Nest Aware subscription. 

In addition to this, the Nest Aware subscription will also teach the Nest Cam a couple of new tricks. For instance, users can set “Activity Zones” that allows you to set up alerts in areas like the doorway where there’s more motion. The cam can also create time-lapse recordings. Moreover, it can even identify whether the ‘thing’ that’s moving around your living room is a person or just your dog!

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