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Home technology security ring launches Protect for a complete home security solution

Ring launches Protect for a complete home security solution


Ring launches Protect for a complete home security solution

Ring, one of the original makers of connected video doorbell has released a comprehensive home security system called Protect. The new product brings together its already existing security cameras, lights, and doorbells that will monitor the indoors of houses.

Interestingly, the price of the Ring Protect starts at $199 for the base unit that includes a single door or window sensor and a motion detector. Additional door or window sensors will cost $20 and additional motion sensors will cost $30.

CEO of Ring, Jamie Siminoff explained, “Where we’re going with it is once we know this, we can then do things in our network which includes, you know if someone’s walking around your house at 3 AM in the morning and your house is on stay mode, then we can do a different type of alert or sort of raise the alert level on that camera.”

Taking on the Nest

The launch of Ring’s Protect comes just after weeks of Nest’s release of home security into the market. But here is Ring’s Protect that could outfit 10 windows and five rooms for Nest’s starting price at $499!

“All the other companies in this space are thinking about how to maximize value out of each person, and the prices show that. If you look at what Ring is charging for this, in terms of the $10 per month and $100 per year, we are breaking the sound barrier on pricing around home security,” says Siminoff.

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