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Samsung Galaxy's Future: Palm Reading Phones


Samsung Galaxy's Future: Palm Reading Phones

Samsung may simply be redefining the way we unlock our phones in the future. And no, this doesn’t involve the iris or the face! A recently published patent application from Samsung proposes the use of palm reading as a method of identification and unlocking the phone.

There are many instances where we all forget our password. No matter how much we rattle our heads, it just refuses to pop up. But with the new patent application from Samsung shows a picture of a person taking a picture of the palm to retrieve a forgotten password. But here’s the catch. Instead of the password just popping on the screen, the letters emerge in a distinct pattern that is hidden in your palm.

The distinct pattern ensures that the user gets the hint of the password. The letters that emerge on the palm are aimed at not making the password too obvious but giving the users a subtle hint of what it is. This yet-to-be patented solution will be joining the list of biometric identification techniques. Fingerprint scanning, iris scanning, and an additional PIN and pattern passwords are already being used in Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note8 right now.

Currently, the patent says the palm recognition will be used for cases of a forgotten password. But there is always scope for change and improvement. Palm reading could be used for future unlocking of the phone and authenticating Samsung Pay. 

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