Secure Pro gets updated; unlock it in five different ways!

secure pro gets updated

There are many smart lock companies we have heard of. Lockly is one other company with the same arena, you might be bored of smart locks now because the technology used in mostly all of them are close to similarity. But let me tell you this company has something different to offer you.

Lockly rolled out its smart lock Secure Pro with features in September 2018. Secure Pro has got an updated version now with voice assistant capabilities added to it. The interesting part of the updated Secure Pro is, it can be unlocked by 5 different ways.

Secure Pro will have a keypad in which you will find numbers that are unevenly placed every time when a passcode is fed. No one can even guess that you have just entered 3 digits.

Keeping the keypad unlocking aside, other ways of unlocking Secure Pro is by using a fingerprint scanner, mobile app or via voice assistant that catches your voice.

If none of the mentioned ways work, you can use a physical lock which was used conventionally. If you want to let your guests into your home then you are free to provide them the random passcodes which are generated by Lockly’s app. The access codes are available offline and safe from hacking.