Alexa TSMC Reports of Virus Outbreak in its Factories

TSMC Reports of Virus Outbreak in its Factories


TSMC Reports of Virus Outbreak in its Factories

Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., (TSMC) has reportedly fallen prey to a virus outbreak. The Taiwanese chip-maker is one of the major chip makers for iPhone. TSMC is one of the largest in the semiconductor industry. They have said that there might be delays in shipments and reduce overall revenue collections of this quarter because its factories have been affected by the security lapse.

The Taiwanese chip-maker is world’s best semiconductor company with a reported $11.6 billion in profits last year. But the lapse may cause some significant losses to the company in the third quarter revenues which it will try to recover in the fourth quarter.

Apple is expected to launch its latest iPhone this fall and the virus outbreak on one of its major chip suppliers may cause a small delay. TSMC says it is recovering from the virus outbreak and is bound to make full recovery very soon. The company said the virus outbreak was the resultant of a mistake committed during the installation of software for a brand new tool that is connected to its computer network. TSMC is confident that none of the sensitive information in its computer network was compromised.

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