Twitter Adds Security Measures for Election-related Accounts


Twitter Adds Security Measures for Election-related Accounts

In the lead up to the upcoming Presidential elections, security is of prime importance for voters, elected officials, candidates, and also the journalists. To protect high-profile accounts associated with the elections, Twitter has taken additional measures to ensure security and safety during the elections 2020.

Under considerable pressure, like the other social media channels, Twitter is keen on curbing the spread of misinformation as cyberattacks increase in numbers on the lead up to the Presidential election in November.

Among the kinds of accounts getting this extra bit of security are the US Executive Branch and Congress US Governors and Secretaries of State, Presidential campaigns, political parties and candidates with Twitter Election Labels running for US House, US Senate, or Governor, and Major US news outlets and political journalists.

To ensure security, the social media portal will be asking these accounts to use a strong password. Twitter is also enabling “Password reset protection” for all of these accounts by default, which will help prevent unauthorized password changes. On top of these measures, Twitter will also urge these accounts to enable Two-Factor Authentication.

There will be additional security measures and safeguards in the coming weeks for these accounts which will help detect sophisticated attacks, provide improved login defenses, and faster account recovery support to ensure that security issues are resolved quickly.

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