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VMware to acquire Carbon Black in a $2 billion deal


VMware to acquire Carbon Black in a $2 billion deal

The leader in enterprise software, VMware has announced that it is acquiring Carbon Black at the enterprise value of $2.1 billion. The definitive agreement between the two companies requires VMware to acquire Carbon Black in an all-cash transaction of $26 per share.

The acquisition of Carbon Black will mean that VMware will be in a better position to provide a differentiated and intrinsic security for the cloud which will help its clients and enterprise workloads through big data, behavioral analytics, and AI. After the acquisition is completed, the combined offering will provide the customers with advanced threat detection and in-depth application behavior.

Carbon Black was founded in 2002 by Todd Brennan, Allen Hillery, and John Hanratty. Today, Carbon Black is a leading cloud security provider with more than 5,600 customers and 500 partners globally.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware said: “The security industry is broken and ineffective with too many fragmented solutions and no cohesive platform architecture. By bringing Carbon Black into the VMware family, we are now taking a huge step forward in security and delivering an enterprise-grade platform to administer and protect workloads, applications and networks.”

He added that VMware will be in a leadership position in security for new age of modern applications with Carbon Black onboard.

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