WhatsApp strengthens its privacy settings for spam


WhatsApp strengthens its privacy settings for spam

WhatsApp is improving its Privacy settings and the latest update is a follow up of its previous set of updates titled “privacy”.

Facebook is in a hurry to reclaim its lost glory and the company is releasing privacy-related updates for all its subsidiaries. The latest update is for WhatsApp groups.

The latest update allows new settings and brings to the table new system abilities to “further empower users to have more control over group messages they receive.” With the latest update, users can now choose who can add them to groups. “This helps prevent people from getting unwanted messages including viral information that can spread through groups,” stated a WhatsApp spokesperson.

Users will have to manually opt-in to make use of this setting. The three new options are Everyone, My Contacts, and My Contacts Except. The ‘My Contacts Except’ feature lets you choose which of your contacts can add you to a group and which ones can’t.

WhatsApp users can now enjoy their Groups experience without spams which is a major step in user privacy and security. This will allow the app to grow into a platform that’s similar to Facebook.

According to a WhatsApp executive, this “new privacy setting and invite system” is meant to “help you decide who can add you to groups.”

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