Ag Leader releases CartACE to enhance the future of agriculture


Ag Leader releases CartACE to enhance the future of agriculture

Ag Leader Technology, Inc. produces top quality, precision agriculture tools that help in decision making, efficiency and resolve agronomic troubles globally. The company now brings out a technology called CartACE which assists the gain cart operator while unloading on-the-go.

“We know that the grain cart seat cannot be filled by just anyone, and it is getting harder to find experienced operators to fill critical roles in farming operations. It takes a certain level of expertise to fill this role, which we're approaching in a practical and economical way that we believe many of our customers could easily adopt and benefit from,” explained Joe Holoubek, Ag Leader Product Manager.

The company thinks way ahead and their aim is to change an average vehicle driver to an expert grain cart operator by offering the required tools and help them when they are in stress and high chances of flaws in harvest tasks.

CartACE combines with InCommand display and as of now, it is unavailable in a limited beta release. CartACE also shares a live map of combine location in the field.  

"Connecting the operation and automating some critical tasks, enables operators and machines to work better together and provides a huge productivity and confidence boost. We can do it using current technology already in the cab," Holoubek said.

Holoubek further said that there was a requirement to step toward the future of farming that most operations take into consideration today without a huge investment or stepping too far outside their comfort zone.

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