Alexa Software that reads your medical records? Amazon's got it!

Software that reads your medical records? Amazon's got it!


Software that reads your medical records? Amazon's got it!

It looks like Amazon is planning to sell software that can actually read your medical records. What's the benefit? The software can give you suggestions to improve your treatment and in turn help you save money, Amazon says.

The software program, that's still under development, can scan medical files. Information that is solely healthcare related is then analyzed, like a patient's medical condition, prescriptions, procedures, etc. The program also has other software that can read a doctor's abbreviation. Amazon also said that it's been training the program to understand and evaluate how doctors take notes.

While this is new to healthcare, Amazon has already developed similar programs for other industries including customer services and travel bookings. Since Amazon already has a stronghold in text-analysis technology, stepping further into the healthcare sector may seem like the right move for the company. Recently, Amazon even bought PillPack to establish itself in medical technology.

While this is Amazon's latest venture into the healthcare world, there are other tech giants already making a mark. Recently, Apple partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs to make easier access for electronic records on the iPhone. Microsoft too launched a new healthcare division last year with an intense focus on AI for patient care.

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