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Google's mobile OS – Android Q, is getting darker and flexible


Google's mobile OS – Android Q, is getting darker and flexible

XDA Developers revealed what an early version of Android’s next big update – Android Q – looks like. In the upcoming software, we’ll see a system-wide “Dark Mode” and also some significant changes and tweaks including the February 2019 security patch.

The Dark theme can be accessed through system Display settings in Android. Android 9 Pie also features the Dark mode, but it only applies to the notification shade and the app launcher. However, unlike Pie, Android Q extends dark mode to more places including the settings menu and in almost all apps.

The Dark mode seems to work in most stock Google apps, and it might also work with third-party apps even if they lacked a built-in version of the feature. For many reasons, dark mode is one of the most preferred features; notably, it could save a phone’s battery life with OLED displays.

The next major update revolves around a feature in Android Pie that enabled users to on or off sensitive permissions like the location. This feature, however, seemed unhelpful as some apps stopped working when the permission was disabled entirely. Google addressed this issue with a new “allow only while the app is in use” permission in Android Q. Furthermore, a “Permissions usage” page shows which permissions are being used at any given time.

“Time to take action” and “Time to read” settings are the other significant updates that will let users customize heads-up notifications. And for more surprises, we may have to wait until Google releases Developer Previews for Android Q in March, probably.

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