Alexa Bolster Your Microsoft Office Skills With These Top Tips
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Bolster Your Microsoft Office Skills With These Top Tips


Bolster Your Microsoft Office Skills With These Top Tips

For the most part, we use Microsoft Office and its associated amenities daily. However, with millions of people in the country resorting to cloud services due to remote working, there is no doubt that some people may have considered how well they can use these programmes. Not to mention understanding what they could do to improve.  

While many people may have grown up and attended school with these types of things, there were ultimately many others who did not. At the same time, while you may have grown up using this type of thing, that does not make you an expert after all! 

Microsoft Office enables businesses big and small to complete a vast range of tasks. However, if you are anything like us, you might have found yourself contemplating what elements of the programmes that you still do not know about. After all, they are vast technological tools! As a result, there is always something new to learn.  

If you are in the position where you would like to learn how to further your Microsoft Skills, then you have found yourself in the right place! Detailed below are some hidden tricks you could learn when wanting to extend your existing Microsoft Office skills. So, whether you are a complete novice or someone a bit more experienced, there is something here for you.  

Microsoft Word 

Word could be considered the dominating force behind Microsoft's overall programmes and is used in various countries and institutions globally. For the most part, it can appear somewhat evident how you use this particular programme. If you are like us, you look at it and just think of words, right? 

Like other parts of the technological world, there is more than meets the eye, and you should do your best not to take things at face value. There are hidden gems behind the details and between the lines; it is just the case of looking. 

Getting to grips with the keyboard shortcuts will make the overall process of using Microsoft Word a lot easier. For example, delete entire sentences at the click of a button while searching the internet and still in the document. Pretty cool, if you ask us!  

Microsoft PowerPoint 

Microsoft PowerPoint is the powerhouse of enabling users to display information in an informative and creative manner. Let's be honest, who hasn't enjoyed playing around with the PowerPoint animations throughout the years?! 

At the same time, and much like its technological counterpart, there is more to PowerPoint than meets the eye. We have all used one of the template slides before; it just saves us time and effort when in a rush! 

Impress other people by branching out beyond using these templates, and instead opt to create your own! Using the master editor tab available in PowerPoint, create a stylish template to use in the future. You never know; you may influence and encourage other people to follow suit!  

Microsoft Excel 

We can now recognise that out of the three suggestions here, Microsoft Excel undoubtedly seems like the most challenging one to master. With so many different components and technicalities to wrap your head around, it really is a minefield!  

At the same time, that is not to say that it is impossible to become a master of Excel. Mastering elements of Excel, like that of VBA coding, will enable you to fully use the various macros associated with Excel spreadsheets.  If this is an area you want to build on, you can check out this resource and get your head around this once confusing phenomenon.

Microsoft Outlook 

The element of Microsoft Office that enables you to keep in contact with other people, both internally within your organisation and beyond. It is critical to any business and fulfils its role well. 

For the most part, using Microsoft Outlook appears relatively straightforward; it is just writing and responding to emails and scheduling appointments in your calendar.  

While there is only so much you can do to be a master of Outlook, and there will undoubtedly be some suggestions here that you will probably already be doing, we thought it was worth mentioning all the same!  

Using a focused inbox folder is ideal. It filters out anything unnecessary from your day-to-day workings and ensures you do not miss anything of importance. Sharing your Outlook calendar with other people within your organisation is also recommended.  

No need to worry about missing any upcoming meetings or team briefings, for other people can add or invite your calendar, and it will show automatically. Ideal for those busy workers out there!  

We recognise that this is not everything associated with Microsoft Office packages. Still, we hope you are leaving us with some idea of what you would need to look into when improving your existing skills. Taking the time to understand what you need to improve on and focusing on those skills will help you get far in your journey of discovery.  

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