Canva launches Canva Apps and introduces video editing


Canva launches Canva Apps and introduces video editing

The Australian Design company, Canva, which is one of the most promising startups in the tech world today, has announced that it is now entering video editing. Valued at $3.2 billion, Canva has been a disruptor in the design world and its online tool has quickly become the go-to app for crafting customizable graphic designs for business logos.

With its latest announcement Canva plans to challenge the traditional video editing tools. “Our mission is to empower everyone to design anything without any complex software or having to go to different sources for different elements. We are bringing the same experience to our video editing tool,” said Canva co-founder Cameron Adams.

The new video editing tool by the Sydney-based startup features thousands of professional video templates and animations. It also has hundreds of music tracks. The tool integrates stock video, soundtracks, layouts, typography, animations and quintessentially brings it all together to provide a brand new experience. 

Canva Apps

The company has also announced Canva Apps which is an app store of sorts. Canva Apps platform has third-party apps and extensions. It will act as a one-stop-shop for everyone’s design needs. The platform will help the developers integrate their apps into Canva.

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