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Citrix is acquiring Sapho for $200 million


Citrix is acquiring Sapho for $200 million

Citrix announced that it is acquiring Sapho, which connects micro apps with legacy software to make lives easier for employees. With this acquisition of the micro app platform, it will be able to boost the work capabilities with Citrix WorkspaceTM. The acquisition will enable Citrix to work with greater speed, intelligence, and simplicity.

The Executive VP of Business Strategy and CMO of Citrix, Tim Minahan, believes that the employee experience will distinguish between winners and losers in the market in coming times. And the addition of Sapho to Citrix family will definitely give the company an edge over others.

Citrix in its blog said: “In combining Citrix’s strengths in application delivery and security with Sapho’s focus on work automation and productivity, Citrix and Sapho can help companies create a superior employee experience that redefines the future of work and deliver it today”.

Sapho’s CEO Fouhad ElNaggar said that both companies technology together will solve productivity challenges by integrating micro apps into the work environment and automate simple tasks. Sapho is based out of San Bruno, California which was founded in 2014. It has about 100 employees on its payroll. CBS Interactive, Applied Materials, Broadcom and Intuitive Surgical are some of its major customers.

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