If you're okay with Facebook tracking your phone, you'll be paid


If you're okay with Facebook tracking your phone, you'll be paid

Facebook has a new app called Study that will pay people to monitor their phone usage. Once you’re enrolled in Study, the app will monitor everything on your phone. Everything including the apps installed on your phone, the additional software app data, the country you’re in, the amount of time you spend on an app, etc.

Of course, Facebook won’t be accessing your personal messages, passwords, and also the websites you visit. Study is strictly for app data, Facebook says. Study will be launched only on Android devices and will be available for people 18+ years of age. No, Study won’t be coming to iOS after the controversial Facebook Research violated Apple’s policy by gaining deeper access to the phone.

For the same reason, Study will launch on Android where the user can grant deeper phone access. Plus, the app will also open a series of screens showing you the type of data collected and also how it’ll be used. Additionally, Facebook also states that it will refer to other data about you, but it won’t be used to target ads.

If you’re interested, there’s not much you can do, as Study works with an invite only. To confirm if users are about 18 years, Facebook accounts will be verified. You’ll be paid through PayPal, which also requires you’re 18+ to have an account. But Facebook refrained from saying how much amount will be compensated.

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