Parents you can check on your children with the help of Family App

family app tracks children move

Parents’ are you sick of seeing your children wasting time on cell phones? Here is a good news for you! Now you can keep a tap on what your children are watching and lock their phones at a touch of a button.

These days it is difficult to track what children are upto in the midst of growing concerns. All thanks to a new monitoring app developed by Google- Family App. Prior to downloading this app you have to set up a Google account on the cell phone you wish to safeguard and then download this app.

You have to pay a one-off 1p fee on a credit card to verify your identity, later you can use it on a weekly or monthly basis which will show you what apps your children are using and also track their location.  

"We live in a digital age with schools using tablets in lessons, classes being delivered online and mobile phones and social media being one of the main ways young people connect and learn – we need to accept that electronic devices are a staple part of daily life," said Dr Geoff Debelle, child protection officer for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.