Sweat helps in acquainting culprits, say researchers!


Sweat helps in acquainting culprits, say researchers!

Researchers are up to something really very interesting! We all would like to sweat less but the very liquid that we want to avoid is a goldmine of data.

Now researchers want to control everything right from battling stress to keep our phones more secure. Sweat can be more reliable than fingerprints say, researchers. Sweat has a mix of chemicals which will unveil our present state and it is entirely different with each one of us. That means there is no chance for two people to have same sweat profile.

University at Albany forensic chemist Jan Halámek wants to apply this idea to the crime scene. Always people sweat so it is easy to find sweat at the crime scene than fingerprints. Halámek’s team can use a strip they developed to pick up a sweat sample, and they claim to be able to do an analysis in minutes with less than a drop of sweat.

This idea should not be implied similar to DNA to trace an individual and match it. Sweat spots can help know if there was one, two or many at the crime scene. His team is now working on developing a “forensic toolbox” software through this they want to figure out the gender, age, and food habits.

“I hope to be able to one day analyze sweat at a crime scene and then say, ‘we are looking for someone who is tall, white, female, in very good physical shape’ or ‘an old male with liver disease,” he says.

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