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GitHub has announced new and improved Jira integration


GitHub has announced new and improved Jira integration

Companies and developers all over the world use GitHub and Jira extensively for software development. Both the platforms are used very often by developers. Many times they are used together. Seeing the possibility of combining the capabilities of both, GitHub has decided to introduce new Jira integration onto its platform.

The new integration will help developers all over the world to search for Jira issues related to GitHub information, track the development work from within Jira projects, automatically update the Jira issues while simultaneously working in GitHub and view associated pull requests, commits, and branches from within Jira.

The old Jira integration will be slowly phased out and the new integration will be encouraged over the next few weeks by GitHub.

Microsoft had recently acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion but the company seems to be working pretty much in the same direction it was committed to prior to the acquisition. The open development platform has been a large code repository that is very popular among developers and companies alike. Biggest of tech companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon use this platform as a large code repository. Approximately 28 million developers contribute to the huge code repositories hosted on GitHub.

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