Google Meet giving tough competition to zoom


Google Meet giving tough competition to zoom

Google is giving a tough competition to its video conferencing rival zoom, which has lost credibility due to privacy concerns. The ongoing pandemic has raised the demand for a professional conference app for official meetings, online classes, and many other needs.

According to 9to5Google, Google is working on a feature that will allow users to change or blur background during a conference call. This will be highly useful to students and working professionals attending a meeting from home. The users at home may not be comfortable with random things going on in the household. This will also make students, teachers and professionals more comfortable while attending a call. The group admins will have the control to enable or disable this particular feature.

Also, Google Meet is bringing an important low light mode and live captioning and tile view for up to 49 users which will be rolled out in the next update.

Google is also making it easier to manage attendees. When someone asks to join a meeting, they won’t be able to ‘knock’ again after being ejected from a meeting and a ‘knock’ will not be available to a user after being rejected twice by the moderator.

“Plus, we’re updating the knocking interface to make knocks less intrusive for educators. Moderators will also be able to end the meeting for all participants, ensuring no students linger after the teacher has left,” Google said in a statement.

Among the host of upcoming features, “virtual hand-raising”, “meeting attendance” and “integrated collaborative whiteboard “are also in the pipeline.

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