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Say hello to your new aide How-to Videos


Say hello to your new aide How-to Videos

Google Assistant will very soon play videos when you ask questions. Official statement is not released of the updates and several reports reveal that it’s on verge to amalgamate how-to videos into its voice-controlled digital assistant.

As per some reports, The Mountain View company probably will release Assistant’s upcoming feature at I/O developer conference in May. The Google Home  is one of the top smart speakers and reports suggest that Google is selling over 7.6 million units in Q4 2017 and along with smartphones  and tablets, it also features Google Assistant.

How is Assistant useful?

You can fetch answers for questions like “what is the weather update?” or “How to clean hardwood floors?” Currently you get answers from Google Assistant from features snippets in Google’s search results for the question you asked.

Normally what Assistant does is, it reads texts pulled from website listing snippets. If you ask Assistant “How do I clean hardwood floors?” the software will show you steps via videos. Google will play videos featured from companies to provide relevant answers and also promote the firm’s product or service.

Users pick how-to videos in lieu of reading or listening to an article. The video displays users how to do something instead of telling them

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