Alexa Chrome 81 will have AR in its beta version

Chrome 81 will have AR in its beta version


Chrome 81 will have AR in its beta version

Web browsers have come a long way from its origin; they are now capable of running operating systems if necessary. With the arrival of mixed reality, the world’s most popular browser is now onto new ventures. Chrome 81 is taking a historical step by integrating augmented reality technology in its upcoming beta release.

Google had left a hint in its earlier version Chrome 79 by bringing WebXR – the new industry standard that aims to enable virtual, augmented, mixed and extended realities into a web browser. But the first version of Chrome gave more importance for handling virtual reality features, especially mapping tech.

Now with Chrome 81, the software giant is extending its branches to augmented reality, specifically the WebXR Hit Test API. This essentially means that developers can now use a device’s camera view to correctly place virtual objects on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

The WebXR is focused on creating virtual objects and NFC is trying to bridge the gap between the physical and digital in a realistic way. By integrating web NFC into Chrome 81, a web app can now easily use a phone’s or computer’s NFC chip to engage with NFC-enabled tags and objects. This enables developers to build an interactive augmented reality world that uses real-world objects in addition to the virtual ones.

According to Google, Chrome 81 is in its beta phase and its stable version will be released by mid-march tagging both NFC and AR features in it.

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