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Google Chrome Tries a New Feature to Keep Screens Awake


Google Chrome Tries a New Feature to Keep Screens Awake

Have you ever felt disturbed when a screen shuts down while you’re reading an e-book or navigating? Google developers are looking forward to include a new feature that will enable a web application to ensure that the system stays awake even if there’s no activity.

This process is managed through the WakeLock API that allows requesting a wake lock that prevents devices to switch into a power-saving mode by turning off the screen. Google intends to experiment this new feature for Chrome 78 to 80 and the code is already out.

Some of the main reasons for bringing out this feature- making services like navigation, reading etc easier for the users. Also, it provides a secure way to make use of this functionality for developers who are looking for the same.

Currently, the feature is in experimental stages and tech enthusiasts who are eager to try out may note that the changes may lead to incompatibility issues. Talks about this new feature started right from the beginning of 2018 and this is the second time Google has let the information out.

Before rolling out this feature, Google needs to remove any existing vulnerabilities. But as of now, there is no need for permission from the user during the experimental phase about the ‘awake’ state.

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