Alexa Google's Datally saves data in ‘every way' possible

Google's Datally saves data in ‘every way' possible


Google's Datally saves data in ‘every way' possible

Google’s data tracking app ‘Datally’ which was launched for Android app users last year, will now include two extra features: Emergency bank and a Bedtime mode. In June, Google added a bunch of extra features in Datally, since its launch, including a Guest mode – which allowed the users to set limits on the data one can use while using their device.

The first new feature, Emergency Bank, lets users portion off some of their data and save it for use later. Datally’s new feature allows users to specify the ‘reserve’ and prevent apps from using data once the free volume is consumed. The ‘emergency’ data can then be freed and utilized when needed.

The Bedtime mode, on the other hand, is another useful feature that halts data usage during the long, inactive hours, at night. Apps draining your data overnight while you’re asleep is no longer a worry. Users are given the privilege to set the time duration.

These new functionalities that keep data use in check are only a few of the many useful features Datally has to offer. Unused Apps was one such feature which was introduced by Google in the last update. The feature notifies users of the largely inactive software apps that are anyhow actively sucking data in the background.

Data Saver, Find Wi-Fi, Manage Data are a few of the other useful data-saving features introduced by Google in Datally. A Datally user, on an average, will save 21 percent of their mobile data with these new features, says Google.

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