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Google Maps gets a Makeover


Google Maps gets a Makeover

A new update on Google Maps comes with the promise to make things easier and quicker for the users to find places they are looking for. The latest update will be incorporated into Assistant, Search, and also Google Earth.

Firstly, Maps gets a makeover with changes in colors and a fresh coat of paint. There’s also a new Point of Interest (POI) in the new update that Google has rolled out. These POIs are basically business location icons that pop up when Google Maps is showing search results or a user is simply browsing through Maps.

Additionally, the Points of Interest icons will also be color coded. Google has painted orange for food and drinks, blue for shopping, red for health, purple for services, green for outdoor, grey for civil services/worship, blue for transport, and turquoise for entertainment or leisure.

Smart Maps

The new update also offers to highlight local points. But here’s the thing. The highlighted information depends on the type of map selected like driving, navigation, transit, and so on. For instance, when you’re looking for subway stations, you couldn’t care less for a gas station. And so, Google Maps will not be showing you any of that. Google announced that the update will be available on Google products that have Google Maps.

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