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Google rebuilds Wear OS to accommodate ‘all' recent improvements


Google rebuilds Wear OS to accommodate ‘all' recent improvements

The newer Wear OS watch from Google, to be unveiled soon, is getting a software update that will change everything. Starting from the swipes to a new UI and a more sophisticated-view of your notifications, Google does a much-needed cleanup. Google introduces a new feed of information from Google Assistant, and it also enables faster access to the recently revamped Google Fit.

A left or a right swipe means to change watch faces currently, but with the new Wear OS a long press will be needed to do it. Swipe down for settings shortcut, and up for notifications. While a swipe to the right takes you to the Google Assistant feed board, the left swipe is mapped to Google Fit’s new fitness-tracking rings.

Google Assistant’s information feed is very similar to the once-famous ‘Google Now’ feature. The feed which will show you relevant information about your day like the calendar, weather, or other info is pretty much the predictive daily information cards that Google Now had to offer.

Wear OS offers a plethora of different watches to choose from, but none of them are exceptionally good. This is because most users today are waiting for a good processor and not mere software tweaks. However, a bunch of signs reveals Google’s plans for a change that will be celebrated. The signs mainly include this software update, the upcoming Qualcomm processor, the revamped Google Fit, and Google’s ‘review’ processes that aims to increase the quality of Wear OS apps.

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