Your iPhone can recognize you even with a mask on


Your iPhone can recognize you even with a mask on

Cyber-security researchers introduced hack which permits iPhone users to unlock their phones using facial recognition while wearing mask. As the virus continues to spread invasively, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has put forth new guidelines that persuade Americans to wear mask when in public.

iPhone users thought wearing mask could stop them from using Face ID to sign in or perform other functions on their phone. Researchers from Tencent Security's Xianwu Lab who have been into biometrics since many years have conducted in-depth analysis of Face ID and they say that there is a way people can use their face id with mask on.

The researchers said, “Take a brand-new mask, fold it in left and right, fold the two ear hook ropes and hang them on one ear (both left and right ears).”

After wearing mask on one side of your face, pull up the Face ID of your phone and choose either to reset Face ID or set up an alternative appearance.

The researchers said that the technique is successful in iPhone 11 models as well, but the hack might not work in some instances; with normal disposable medical masks, N95 masks, masks with breathing valves, etc.

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