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Location Tracking: 6 Ways to Perform It on Different Types of Media


Location Tracking: 6 Ways to Perform It on Different Types of Media

The need for tracking location is growing by the day; it provides parents with an effective tool for monitoring their kids, ensures employers know the location and activities of their employees, and provides general security.

There are numerous ways to perform location tracking on various types of media; the platforms listed below are simple and effective to use.

1. Geofinder

Geofinder is one of the best, providing a simple and robust method of tracking location. It assists in effectively tracking one's precise location on a map using a phone number across all mobile networks. The application allows you to track locations anonymously using only phone numbers and receive detailed alerts. It also includes a VPN checker, IP logger, and Wi-Fi tracker for more accurate location tracking. Geofinder is a web-based application that is easily accessible to all and does not require any storage space or installations.

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is more than just a social media app for sending messages; it also has a slew of other useful and entertaining features. You can use this app to transfer files, send group messages, and share your location with friends and family.

However, tracking someone's location with this messenger requires consent; the person must share their location for this to be possible. In order to be able to get location on Messenger, you or your friend should open the chat dialog, tap on the “more” option at the bottom left, then click on “location”. Live location can be shared from here, allowing tracking.

3. Google Maps

This is a tool that friends and family can use to share their exact location. It is available for free on the Android and iPhone platforms. To track someone's location, open Google Maps and navigate to the location sharing menu, then tap on the name of the contact you want to track. This causes the map to zoom in on their exact location.

4. iKeyMonitor

This is another effective location tracker application for most devices. It is mostly used by parents to track the location of their children via GPS, record their calls, and monitor their web activities. It tracks locations using geofencing and geotracking. Most employers also use this app to track their employees' activities. This can be done easily after installation by opening the app and checking their locations.

5. Famisafe

Famisafe is yet another tool that allows parents to track their children's location. This tracking app includes numerous features such as app blogging, web filtering, driving reports, and location tracking. It's a paid tracking app that works on any device. To use this medium for location tracking, simply register on the website, download the app, and connect with all of the devices you want to track.

6. Family Locator

This location tracker is used by families to ensure the safety of their children. It gives them constant access to their locations. Once activated and configured, you will be able to set zones, receive notifications when they arrive at their destinations, and share locations on the created family map.

You may want to track someone's location for a variety of reasons, including security or simply to monitor and ensure they are in the right place. Whatever the reason, the methods described above for performing location tracking can help you easily. We hope you are able to find a workable solution.

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