Alexa Messenger Kids app eases up-just a bit
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Messenger Kids app eases up-just a bit


Messenger Kids app eases up-just a bit

Facebook’s controversial software app for kids, Messenger Kids, is introducing a new feature that will allow the kids to find their friends on the app easily. The parents will finally have to approve of whether the friendship is acceptable on the app but the app has relaxed its stance somewhat.

The parents will have to switch on this feature as this will be off by default. Once the feature is enabled, the app will generate a four-word phrase that is distinct and unique for each kid. So, if a kid wants to add a friend in his contact list he or she will have to reveal this phrase to the friend they want to add. This phrase will then be entered in the friends’ app. Both the parents will then be alerted about the development and both parents will have to accept the request to finish the process. The kids can then start chatting.

This does make it easier to find friends even if their parents are not friends themselves on the social networking app. This was the issue before. Though there is some relaxation in terms of finding friends, the parents are still very much in control.


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