Alexa Microsoft announces an acquisition to optimize java workloads
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Microsoft announces an acquisition to optimize java workloads


Microsoft announces an acquisition to optimize java workloads

Microsoft has announced that it is acquiring software performance analytics company jClarity for an undisclosed amount. jClarity is a leading contributor to the AdoptOpenJDK project and will help drive increased performance for Java workloads on Azure.

In a statement, jClarity’s CEO MartijinVerburgsaid: “Microsoft leads the world in backing developers and their communities, and after speaking to their engineering and programme leadership, it was a no brainer to enter formal discussions. With the passion and deep expertise of Microsoft’s people, we’ll be able to support the Java ecosystem better than ever before!”

Further, he thanked his employees, customers and community for supporting the company. The executive will be the Principal Engineering Group Manager under his new designation at Microsoft.

The two companies will be working together to make the Azure platform better for their Java customers and internal teams. The merger of jClarity with Microsoft will also enable Microsoft to improve the experience and performance of the platform for the Java developers and the end-users.

jClarity has provided the AdoptOpenJDK project in a big way and Microsoft too has been a part of the project along with Amazon, IBM, Red Hat, SAP, and Pivotal. The contribution is bound to continue even post this acquisition.

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