Alexa Bytecode Alliance to create new software foundation

Bytecode Alliance to create new software foundation


Bytecode Alliance to create new software foundation

Mozilla, Fastly, Intel and RedHat have come together to form an open source community called Bytecode Alliance which will look to bring security and interoperability to the world of the web. The new alliance will build upon existing standards such as WebAssembly and WebAssembly System Interface (WASI).

The founding members will be contributing to the alliance in various ways. The contribution will include a runtime for WebAssembly & WASI, a WebAssembly runtime for embedded devices, a cross-platform code generator that focuses on security and performance and a compiler and runtime for WebAssembly & WASI focused on low-latency, high concurrency applications.

Luke Wagner, Engineer at Mozilla, co-creator of WebAssembly said: “Together with our partners in the Bytecode Alliance, Mozilla is building these new secure foundations—for everything from small, embedded devices to large, computing clouds.”

All the founding members of the alliance believe that they are working on something that will act as the foundation for the internet of the future. The Bytecode Alliance wants to create a platform that lets application developers and service providers to confidently run untrusted code despite different infrastructural, OS, or device requirements.

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