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Google creates a platform to the musicians


Google creates a platform to the musicians

Google is making an effort to gradually open up the capabilities of politicians, celebrities, museums, sports teams’ etcetera. Now you can directly post social media updates to its search result pages. Bravo! It came to be known that Google is introducing the feature in the US to the musicians.

Which means you can see Kygo, Lorde, Steve Aoki, Sia, Son little and many other celebrities in the side bar and the updates will be in the form of GIF’s, text, videos or links to other sites.

This process is helping users to display their identity and ability. We reveal you the process you have to follow to be part of this…

Musicians who are participating should search their name and then look for a link to sign up inside the Knowledge Panel (the sidebar panel with all of the additional information about an artist) If your name is not visible then you are not famous and you are out of luck.

Knowledge Panel will pop up your names and Google is laying a groundwork which will be available to virtually everyone.


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