OpenBazaar platform creators rolled out Haven, a crypto marketplace


OpenBazaar platform creators rolled out Haven, a crypto marketplace

The creators of online decentralized marketplace and currency trading platform OpenBazaar, OB1 have developed software for mobile named Haven. At Haven, you can sell and buy goods directly without any third party interference, Thanks to cryptocurrency!

The app will consist of four options: shopping, social, chat, and a non-custodial multi-wallet. For all features of the peer-to-peer network, users’ information is stored but in a secure way. In other words, details will be visible only to those who are part of the conversation or sale.

250,000 nodes clubbed the permissionless network since the time OB1 rolled out 2.0 of OpenBazaar. OB1 communications lead, Jenn Cloud said: “there is a core user base of several thousand who frequently use the software and many more are casual users.”

He added, “We’ve heard many stories from merchants about finding OpenBazaar a refugee from the high fees, restrictive terms and conditions, and poor treatment of merchants on eBay and Amazon.”

This app’s features replicate OpenBazaar except, for one thing, P2P cryptocurrency trading.

Cloud said that they have not taken any firm decisions regarding OB1 team and many in the OpenBazaar community started working on Monero.

He quotes, “No firm plans have been made by the OB1 team… several in the OpenBazaar community have begun work to see if it’s possible to support Monero.”

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