World's first gaming browser Opera GX now on macOS


World's first gaming browser Opera GX now on macOS

Opera is planning something that it calls a gaming-friendly browser called Opera GX “gaming browser” which will be first available on macOS. Macs are not considered to be the go-to gaming computers even though they have the hardware capacity. But with the onset of Apple Arcade and macOS rising as a gaming OS, an extra hand from Opera will be valuable for a seamless gaming experience.

Because web browsers carve a big hole on a computer’s resources and the issue gets worse when you have a resource-heavy online game running next to a browser. These two varieties of software fight for the CPU cycles as well as the RAM and network bandwidth.

Although Opera calls it a gaming browser, its more of a gaming-friendly browser, meaning Opera GX is not a browser to play games on (excluding browser games) but it is more of a browser that can optimize its usage of computer resources to give more room for games. That doesn’t mean it has control over other programs, it simply minimizes its resource usage which can have quite an impact considering browsers are heavy on usage normally.

Also, Opera GX allows gamers to set themes for their browsers matching their favorite game or play YouTube gameplay videos on top of games through the picture-in-picture functionality. Currently, the new gaming browser software is in the beta phase.

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