Presto gathers $30 million to build “restaurants of the future”

presto brings tech to restaurants

Presto, a California-based leading enterprise front-office software platform for the hospitality industry, announced that it has gathered $30M in growth funding. The funding round led by Recruit Holdings and Romulus Capital also garnered participation from I2BF Global Ventures, EG Capital and Brainchild Holdings.

Presto’s products – which aims to introduce technology to top foodservice and hospitality chains – include hardware like Wearables, a PrestoPrime Tabletop device, and an AI platform. Tabletop tablet device allows guests to order and pay from their seats, and also games and other entertainment content while waiting for the food ordered.

On the other side, Wearables can let servers be alerted when they are needed by customers – to hear out concerns or for operational issues. Finally, Presto’s AI platform provides restaurant owners with insights that will help them make decisions about staffing or deciding which food items to stock. By leveraging machine learning, Presto’s software platform can accurately forecast labor staffing requirements so restaurants are not over or under-staffed on any given shift. More interestingly, the platform can even take in a variety of data inputs like upcoming events in the locality to suggest staffing improvements and other crucial things.

“Restaurants serve billions of consumers and are a critical part of our economy, and yet have typically been underserved by world-class technology,” said Rajat Suri, Founder, and CEO of Presto. “Less than 1% of restaurants globally currently use technology to optimize their front-office. These funds will be leveraged to support our rapid growth, and expand our products and services to our partners in the restaurant industry.”