SAP provides flexible working its employees across the world


SAP provides flexible working its employees across the world

SAP, business software group is all set to embrace flexible working for its employees across the globe. This decision was taken following the positive results of remote working during COVID-19 and it is observed that nearly 94% of staff are of the opinion that flexible working is advantageous, while few are opining to work completely from office, few are okay to work for 2 days in a week in office.

The company values every employee and is always eager to know them personally. For instance, an employee who is a single mother opted for flexibility that helps her meet both her professional and personal commitments. SAP in an email said that it is adopting a "flexible and trust-based workplace as the norm, not the exception".

The company will now redesign its workplace and make it more spacious for teamwork and collaboration. SAP's decision to make flexible work its policy follows moves by some technology companies, including Facebook, to permanently adopt remote work even after coronavirus lockdowns ease.

Its "pledge to flex" seeks to account for the range of preferences expressed by staff, with 16% saying they would like to work only remotely while 6% planned to come in to the office five days a week.


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