Linux users it is easy for you to install Skype!


Linux users it is easy for you to install Skype!

Finally! After a long wait! Skype is now available as a snap on Linux desktop and it will be updated automatically to the latest version. Recently both Spotify and Slack was released in the snap package format.

Cononical, a computer software company and Ubuntu said, “Skype has turned to snaps to ensure its users on Linux are automatically delivered to its latest version upon release. And with snaps’ roll-back feature, whereby applications can revert back to the previous working version in the event of a bug, Skype’s developers can ensure a seamless user experience”.

Snap is specifically designed for linux users that allow them to quickly and securely install software it is like application installer in Windows.

How is using Snap beneficial?

Snap is a device which is used for installing a self contained software package. This application is particularly to Linux users and its automatic updating system updates and makes security fixes four times a day and automatically updates.

Skype will be compatible to the Linux users who use Snap like: Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Arch Linux, OpenSuse, Solus, Manjaro, or Arch Linux.

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