Alexa Spotify launches its Clubhouse competitor called Greenroom
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Spotify launches its Clubhouse competitor called Greenroom


Spotify launches its Clubhouse competitor called Greenroom

Spotify has finally joined the bandwagon of the live-audio chat app and announced its Clubhouse competitor called Spotify Greenroom. The app is now available to download for iOS and Android. Earlier in March this year, Spotify announced the acquisition of Betty Labs, which had created the sports-focused audio app Locker Room to help speed its entry into the live audio market.

The app is built on Locker Room; however, there are many design changes. It has the Spotify green and black look with a new logo and other fine tunings. The Spotify Greenroom is a standalone app that will allow users to sign in with their Spotify account and join or host live audio rooms and optionally turn those conversations into podcasts.

The social audio app will allow users to host live conversations about sports, music, and culture. The initial signup and setting up flow gives users options to select their interests from a wide range of topics, like music genres and sports teams. There are mute options, moderation controls, and the ability to bring listeners onstage during the live audio session. Rooms can host up to 1,000 people, and Spotify expects to scale up that number later on.

Apart from this, Spotify has also announced a creator fund that it will utilize to pay the most popular creators on the app based on their engagement. Apart from this, Spotify may also announce exclusive deals with creators to produce engaging and exclusive content.  

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