Spotify launches a special version for kids


Spotify launches a special version for kids

Spotify has now rolled out a children version which is named Spotify Kids. This gives access for children to listen to 6,000 tracks which will be picked by Spotify specifically for children.

The range of songs include lullabies, soundtracks from those like Disney and singalongs. Pop songs (only that are apt) will be accessible to older children. Well, added to this, parents can allow their children login to their own account and keep away children songs from adult history.

The design for Spotify Kids looks alluring which also makes navigation easy. The editors who design the content are from varied backgrounds focusing on other kid related companies like Disney and Nickelodeon.

The app is available only in Ireland for now, but will shortly be available across the world. If you want to pay for one subscription for the entire family, you have to have the Spotify Premium Family account which will be free for those with this subscription.

The app is on a trial basis in beta as of now as the app is a new space. The company said, "It will also look to bring other kinds of audio content to the app as it develops, suggesting that podcasts and other shows could be added."

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