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Top 6 Software to Help You Organize Data with Ease and Manage Your Business


Top 6 Software to Help You Organize Data with Ease and Manage Your Business

Let the truth be told. 

Today’s world is heavily dependent on data. Businesses use data to create marketing campaigns, conduct business research, come up with sales forecasts, etc. 

While all this data can prove extremely beneficial for commercial institutions, it often also becomes a source of headache for many.

For instance, according to a statistical report, worldwide companies from across all industries, combined generate 2,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data each day. 

Now that’s a huge number, which is easy to overwhelm business owners. 

And guess what, by 2023, this volume of data will be worth $73 billion.

No matter how seasoned an entrepreneur you may be, it could be a difficult challenge to handle all your business aspects on your own.

It is practically impossible to handle all your company departments alone, without losing your sanity. This is when you should leverage technology. 

In this article, we will explore the top 6 tools to help you organize your business data with ease and manage your business smoothly. 

Top 6 software to help you organize data with ease and manage your business

The market is saturated with specialized data and business management solutions that can make your job easier. 

Let us take a look at 6 of those software programs that you may deploy in your business to organize data and manage your business with ease.

1. Zluri

The first software on our list, Zluri, is a state-of-the-art data-driven business SaaS management tool. The tools make it easier for managers and business admins to find, manage, and optimize their company's SaaS stack while ensuring that they remain compliant with industry regulations.

Zluri assists business houses to take control of their entire SaaS ecosystem. By helping owners locate redundant and underutilized apps in their pipeline, Zluri helps businesses to reduce their SaaS wastage, thus saving a lot of money down the line. As it stands, Zluri is one of the top IT asset management software available in the market.

The particular software also assists companies to automate their IT operations. It takes care of everything from app onboarding and offboarding, to contract renewals and SaaS procurement. Zluri also keeps a track of unauthorized apps in your stack. By doing so, Zluri helps to remove all insecure apps from your stack and secure your SaaS environments.


  • Works as a single source of truth for all your vendor contracts, enabling you to get easy access to metadata, thanks to its vendor management dashboard.
  • Offers advanced real-time deep insights that help businesses to optimize and rationalize their IT costs.
  • Track and monitor the efficiency of your SaaS stack with its  state-of-the-art application monitoring feature.
  • Eliminates SaaS wastage by locating duplicate or redundant programs in your stack.
  • Automates several IT operations including SaaS procurement, onboarding, offboarding, and renewal.
  • Helps secure your SaaS environment by discovering and removing unsecure apps from your pipeline.


As of now, Zluri’s pricing plans are not known publicly.

2. Levity

Next, on our list, Levity uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in order to help businesses automate their processes. 

This particular platform can simplify even the most laborious manual operations, including classifying digital data, thus saving a lot of time and effort. With Levity, you can automatically filter images and comments, based on in-built filters.

The key essence of this program is that it analyzes as per its predefined criteria and filters, enabling admins to approve user comments by detecting whether they adhere to predefined standards. The biggest advantage of Levity is that it makes the process of automatic moderation a possible feat to achieve without any manual labor.

If you have a fair understanding of how Natural Language Processing works, you would find Levity to be extremely helpful.


  • Levity’s integrated AI features enable it to learn from manual corrections, which allows it to acquire more accuracy and time efficiency.
  • Need not have coding knowledge to use the tool. 
  • Build your customized “thinking” engine, thanks to its wide range of AI blocks.
  • Comes with many integration capabilities, enabling you to get the best ROI.
  • Helps businesses to improve the precision of decisions and enhances process efficiency.
  • Saves time by examining email attachments, classifying messages based on their content, and forwarding these messages to the appropriate parties.
  • Processes a wide range of photos, documents, and text blocks.


Levity’s startup plan starts at $200 per month. It also has a business solution that is priced at $500 per month.

3. Bitrix24

Here’s a surprise for you. If you think Bitrix24 is mainly CRM software, you are right. 

But what if we told you that it also functions as a task management tool? 

Yes, that’s right. 

Bitrix24 is one of the most popular unified platforms that can handle and manage CRM, document management, task management, and team collaboration requirements.

The tool provides SMEs with fundamental client management and marketing automation capabilities. With Bitrix24, you can get access to some of the most incredible CRM tools as well as email marketing connectors.

Additionally, Bitrix24 enables your departments to monitor their sales pipeline, while automating marketing efforts and offering customer assistance through multiple communication channels.


  • Supports multiple viewing modes, including GANTT, DEADLINE, LIST, etc.
  • Ensuress effective communication with the help of its built-in chat messenger feature
  • Offers multiple features related to task management, team collaboration, and file sharing, all under a single roof.
  • Helps you conduct internal and external communication and collaborations.
  • Comes with an extensive toolset that provides users with benefits like unified search capabilities.
  • Allows managers to seamlessly organize and plan tasks, schedules, and projects.


Bitrix24 offers multiple versions, including a free one. Its basic version costs $39 per month, while the standard and professional variants are priced at $79 and $159, respectively. Both are monthly rates.

4. Pipedrive

Next on our list is Pipedrive, which is largely preferred by CRM software end-users. This particular tool comes with some extraordinary utilities, enhancing its market position as a highly responsive sales management system, designed for small firms and sole proprietors.

The software enables you to fill in every possible detail for your unique sales-focused project requirements. 

You may also add Google Calendars' automated integration to your Pipedrive panel to get access to pop-up reminders at the right times. The software system comes with a superior integration facility that helps you connect multiple third-party business solutions.


  • Comes with simple, clean, and easy-to-use functionalities, which makes it easier for all types of people to operate.
  • Supports task automation, one-click contact data collecting, and webhooks. 
  • Generates individualized sales reports that aim to help you identify profitable trends, and improve your business operations.
  • Supports numerous third-party integrations to help you stay on top of your business processes.
  • Gathers and nurtures leads effectively and its extensive lead management framework. 
  • Ensures that all your data stays secured.


Pipedrive offers a free trial on each of its product versions. Its essential version is priced at $9.90 per user per month, billed annually. 

On the other hand, its Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise versions are available at $19.90, $39.90, and $59.90, respectively. All these rates are billed annually for each user per month.

5. Inflow

If you are running a warehouse and looking for a top-notch inventory management solution, then Inflow might be the best option for you. Inflow facilitates superior inventory monitoring. 

Thanks to its quick response solution, you can save and access warehousing-related information on the go.

It is probably the greatest inventory management tool for small and medium businesses. Many owners tend to keep a manual track of their inventory. This is a simple idea, which pays off during low volume sales. But what if the demand for your products increases.

Without the right inventory management program, you will have to face a ton of inventory management problems, which would eventually affect your sales numbers. This is where Inflow comes into play.


  • Take control of your inventory and save your money.
  • Take B2B orders online without establishing a different store.
  • Generate 30+ reports to track the different aspects of your business. 
  • Create Purchase Orders (POs) and receive orders from any device. 
  • Get work done easily from your Smartphone.
  • Ensures a smooth and seamless operation with its neat and user-friendly interface. 


The pricing plan for Inflow is not publicly available. However, it offers a 14-day free trial on its product.

6. Orchestra Networks

Industry pundits believe that data can help make the impossible things possible

By managing your most crucial data, Orchestra Networks helps you to expand your business operations. Whether you are looking for a solution that can deal with data governance, reference data, hierarchies, or taxonomies, Orchestra Networks could be a game-changer for your business.

Orchestra successfully combines modern technology with established methods of data processing and archiving, combining the best of both worlds. What’s more interesting is that Orchestra Networks offer everything from data administration to master data governance, all within a single solution.


  • Enables business owners to manage master data across multiple domains.
  • Supports third-party integration with most vendors, virtually creating an all-in-one solution.
  • Offers top-notch visualization and workflow capabilities.
  • Makes the lives of admins and managers simpler with collaborative workflows.
  • Provides managers total control over their data, thanks to the tool’s in-built master data management framework.
  • Empowers business owners by enabling them to make better decisions and smarter actions.


The price of the product is not yet available publicly.

Final word

With so much data collected every day, businesses need top-notch solutions to better handle and organize this data. 

We believe that the tools we talked about in this article will significantly improve your business by helping you with data organization and management.

Before we end this blog, here is some advice. You may want to try out the free versions of these software programs to find the right fit.

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